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Igniting Minds, Enriching Souls: Our Guiding Principles

Discover Domato Book Co.'s unwavering commitment to excellence as we ignite young minds with creativity, embrace diversity, and empower educators with high-quality children's literature that fosters impactful learning experiences. Our core values drive us to shape a brighter future through the magic of educational storytelling.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission:

    Empowering young minds with captivating and enriching books, Domato Book Co. aims to foster a love for learning and encourage creativity in children, making education an enjoyable journey.


    To be a leading force in transforming children's education through a diverse range of high-quality books, inspiring generations to become lifelong learners and visionary thinkers.


    Published a vast collection of educational books for various age groups, captivating the imagination of young readers. Partnered with 4,500 schools across India, making a positive impact on the learning experiences of countless students and educators. Received recognition and accolades for our commitment to promoting literacy and educational excellence. Inspired a community of passionate readers, nurturing a love for books and knowledge among children nationwide. Contributed to the growth and development of young minds, fostering a generation of curious, creative, and well-rounded individuals.

Phone: +91-7742246745
B3, Govind Marg , Saket Colony
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